Hello, tina.fit friends,


First of all, let me thank you for your support, fitness instructors teaching on the platform, and fitness enthusiasts participating in classes. Without you, this journey is not possible and not worth it. 

Today I ask you a few minutes to watch this message and give me your feedback. 

Last year during the first lockdown, I started to create this new online fitness platform. Since then, it has evolved so much, and I'm so proud of the results so far.


However tina.fit needs to expand beyond what it is today, by putting into practice a new strategy, resulting in extended adoption and solidifying the solution's long-term financial sustainability.


Today we propose an online platform where fitness instructors offer their work and get rewarded by session views; thus, we get compared with other online platforms, which is not ideal.


Most instructors use all sorts of tools or platforms to teach online, resulting in a large number of small communities. We don't want to compete with those solutions, rather be complementary, inclusive, and differentiative.


My vision for the future is to expand the solution from an online class platform to a new social network dedicated to sports and fitness. 


It is vital to add social and community aspects, add innovative products and services for all fitness lovers, professionals, and consumers and adopt a new revenue model.   


I started to implement the new strategy, but the execution is critical to success, and it costs money. At this stage, I am looking for a new investment round.


Why you, and how can you help out? I want to initiate a new crowdfunding campaign by proposing shares of the solution in exchange for capital investment.


I would like to have your feedback regarding this initiative, and I only have two questions for you:


ONE: Would you like to become a tina.fit shareholder?

Two: How much would you be capable of investing at any point in time in the future?


You have tried the platform, maybe you are an instructor already teaching, or you are practicing safely at home using the live and online sessions. 


Who else better than you know the value of the solution and its potential to grow? As such, you are the best partner to pursue the adventure?


It will take you no more than 5 seconds to answer these two questions by replying to this e-mail or answering the simple form you can find by clicking on the link on the e-mail. 


Your reply does not engage you in anything and is purely informational. Instead, it helps me decide whether to launch this campaign or re-think the solution's future.


If you don't know what crowdfunding is, let me explain it very shortly. Crowdfunding is very similar to the stock exchange, allowing many people like you and me to invest small amounts into an idea or project to support its realization. 


In return for your investment, you become a shareholder of the resulting business, and you will benefit from dividends when the solution becomes profitable. 


Now, imagine with everything you know today, you could go back in time, let's say in 2004, and a group of students, ask you a few hundred dollars to help them build a new social network called "TheFacebook.".


Would you invest and be willing to become a Facebook founder and shareholder? Of course, nobody knew at that time; the idea would worth billions a few years later. 


I cannot read the future, but I can tell you where tina.fit is going, and it's going big. With your support, we can make it happen and make sure we grow the solution to be worth millions in the next 5 to 10 years.  


I am putting in all my experience, invest my money, time, and effort, and grow tina.fit to become the new world social network for sports and fitness.


And I can tell you this is not an easy task, but if I can have you on board, believing the same way I do, I'm sure we can create something huge, as huge as even I can't yet imagine it.


I'm waiting for your feedback; please do it today, so you don't have to think about it anymore; here's the link to the form with only two questions:


ONE: Would you like to become a tina.fit shareholder?

Two: How much would you be capable of investing at any point in time in the future?


If I get a good number of positive responses, I will plan the next round and provide you with more detailed information on the funding campaign and what we will build together.


Thank you for your time, looking forward to hear from you.



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